Becoming Home was begun in Nashville, TN in 2004 by Tanya Leah Roman.

It was intended to be a fun, side business to her life-long songwriting career, but with some fantastic early word of mouth, the business began to thrive.  

The New York office was opened in 2011.  


Tanya Leah Roman 

Owner and founder of Becoming Home 


"I think you must be getting a lot of business from me...all my friends walk in and practically start jumping up and down!  It's just so gorgeous - I love it!"

Everett B., homeowner ~ NY, NY

“Becoming Home turned my ‘lost room’ into a warm and welcoming guest space.  Best of all, it was done with style and grace and IT WORKED!”

Nina S., renter ~ NY, NY

"Thank you so much for helping me find this great little house, and making it so 'me'!  I seriously can't believe I get to live here!"

Caitlin E., homeowner ~ Nashville, TN

"Wow!  Our apartment sold the day after our first open house!  Thank you so much for your care and attention to detail."    

Arnold R., homeowner ~ Park Slope, NY

“It’s like magic!  Everyone who comes by to see my place says it looks incredible”        

Janne H., homeowner ~ Nashville, TN

"Yeah, we rented a total flop house...

It’s amazing how much can change with just paint and moving stuff’s unbelievable!”

Pricilla C. & Missi H., renters ~ Nashville, TN

"Like a lot of NY apartments, my place is TINY!! And it's a rental so I didn’t want to spend too much on it.  You made it feel homey and uncluttered without breaking the bank - thanks!"    

Tanya W., renter ~ NY, NY

"Our place looks just great!  We're sure it'll sell very fast - thank you so much.  Next time we’ll hire you before we move IN, so we can enjoy the results!”

Terry & Ron K., homeowners ~ Nashville, TN