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Welcome to my brain!  Looking forward to sharing some thoughts, ideas, photos, and hopefully some things you can use on your journey to your own beautiful space.


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First Things First

…or, “How to Start in the Middle (If you Must)”


So, years into doing this work and website, this is my first blog post…and it’s apropos, since I am in the beginning of a new project…(sort of).

This is the first time I have started designing a home even before I’ve had a chance to see the place in the light of day.  In fact, my client hasn’t even closed on the property – I’ve technically begun work on a place he doesn’t yet own.

But it’s a good one…a soon-to-be-beautiful house hidden in the trees in Ulster County, NY.  We found it for him more quickly than expected – only went hunting a few times, unlike his first place that took us 3 years to find (long story, but definitely worth the wait on that one – such an awesome NYC apartment!).

My client, “E.”, travels a LOT for work, so we are trying to get everything done super-fast before he hits the road again.  I am making mock-ups of the rooms for him from the seller’s photos, and yesterday we ordered a bunch of stuff for the place.  That he doesn’t own yet.  That I haven’t seen in daylight.

Yup, you get it.

But I have to admit, it’s kind of fun – I’m enjoying the challenge.  Except for last night when we had to special order the sofa…Cayenne?? Gray?? Matching ottoman?? Something more special from Etsy??  Aaugh!

Anyway, thanks for stopping by – can’t wait to have it done and share some pics – but for now, I’m just kind of liking the feeling of being in the beginning and the middle at the same time…playing with physics.

Whether it’s makeup, fashion, travelling, food, and arts, I love to explore the great adventure that life is! 

Come on in and take a look…

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