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Specializing in Eclectic, Artful, Liveable Spaces.


I fell into becoming a designer slowly but steadily over the years. 

I began by working on my own various apartments and homes, and then started helping friends with their homes, and ultimately found myself doing it more and more.

I have to say, I feel very lucky that I seem to have an innate sense of what a place needs to feel “right.”  Some would call it Feng Shui, I suppose, but I prefer to think I am just putting my OCD to good use (finally!).

I love listening and learning about my clients’ needs and wishes – understanding how they live, and more importantly, how they dream of living.  There is nothing more fulfilling than guiding someone through the process and helping them truly feel “at home” in their lives.

I believe in the art of the home.  I believe the more beauty that you surround yourself with in life, the more joy and peace you find. And I believe homes are places meant to be truly lived in as fully and as beautifully as possible.

Thanks very much for visiting – hope I can be of service to you.






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